Workshops for Young People

We deliver fun, engaging and rewarding dance incursions to young people.

A creative dance program can be a fantastic way to get young people moving and learning at the same time.

Our workshops link to topics and themes from other areas of the curriculum; giving students the opportunity to explore their academic learning in a multi-sensory and creative way. This helps to bring the learning to life as well as enhancing their creative and critical thinking skills.

We teach the following skills:

  • SAFE DANCE PRACTISES – students are shown appropriate and safe ways to use their bodies.
  • CREATIVE MOVEMENT – age appropriate creative tasks teach students how to create movement in response to stimuli.
  • CHOREOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES -students learn ways to put movement together in order to create their own dance works with clear shape and structure.
  • PERFORMANCE – students perform for their peers in an informal setting, or produce work for a wider audience. They learn to convey emotions and ideas to the audience.
  • RESPONDING TO DANCE – students learn how to interpret, analyse and give feedback about dance.

What does each workshop look like?

Our workshops always begin with a warm-up that gives the students skills in safe dance practises and group dynamics. We then guide the students through creative explorations and tasks that see them creating movement in response to a stimulus. The stimulus could be a topic or text they are exploring in class or an abstract movement idea. Each workshop then culminates in the students sharing the movement they have created with their peers and responding to the work of others.

Is there a performance outcome?

If desired, we can mould the explorations and tasks from each lesson to create a piece of dance that can be performed for the wider school community at the end of a program. Alternatively, we can remove the pressure of a large performance and focus more on the creative process for the entire program.

Our workshops and programs are customised for each year level in order to make sure the learning outcomes and activities are age appropriate.

We can tailor a program to suit your school or organisation in terms of timing, themes, outcomes and cost.

We can also provide classroom teachers with assessment guidelines and assistance in assessing students in order to ensure teachers are meeting their reporting requirements.

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"I think this experience was fantastic. I really liked how it was so free. Most dancing groups make you do what they do."

- Zoe, Year 5 Student, Moerlina School