What We Offer

Our vision…

… is for every student in Western Australia to have access to high quality creative arts experiences. We know that arts education provides far reaching benefits for students across their whole school life. Students who are exposed to high quality, creative arts learning are more engaged at school, have more self confidence, resilience and better problem solving skills. They also achieve better results in literacy, numeracy and other academic areas.

We provide specialist teaching in dance and the arts directly in the school with our team of Teaching Artists. We also provide teachers with opportunities to build on their own professional teaching practise and integrate more creative, arts-based learning into their classrooms.

Our services include the following:

  • One-off workshop incursions
  • 9/10 week incursion programs (with or without a performance outcome)
  • Creative consultancy and/or choreographic assistance for assemblies and productions (such as Wakakirri)
  • Half or full year residencies
  • Before or after school dance programs
  • Professional learning for teachers:
    • How to deliver the dance syllabus in your classroom.
    • Integrating dance into other learning areas

Why Dance?

Dance is a creative art form that uses the body as its medium. Young people who participate in creative dance experiences gain the following skills:

Creativity is now recognised as one of the key skills required for success in the 21st Century. We also know that children today are spending too much time being sedentary which is leading to higher rates of obesity, anxiety and poor behaviour. A creative dance program can address all of these issues at once - getting students moving and learning at the same time!

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“Thank you for taking up the challenge of 68 students (4 special needs) with such professionalism and pizzazz !!”

- Julie Brewer, Music Speicalist & Deputy Principal, East Victoria Park Primary School.