Professional Learning for Teachers

We offer professional learning for both experienced dance teachers as well as generalist teachers with no prior dance experience

Professional learning sessions can be targeted to particular year groups or offered to teachers across a range of ages. Utilise our interactive workshops at your school’s next development day or at a local area networking day.

For experienced dance teachers:

We can give you fresh ideas for improvisation stimulus and choreographic tasks to take away with you and use in your school.

These can be based around:

  • Pure movement ideas
  • Characterisation
  • Responding to abstract or literal stimulus
  • Communicating abstract ideas – choreographic intent

For generalist teachers:

Teachers who have never had any dance experience often assume they do not have the skills or ability to integrate dance into their teaching practise. We don’t agree with this at all! It only takes a few key skills to introduce a creative dance process – you don’t need to be able to dance yourself.

We can give generalist teachers the practical skills and resources to be able to deliver elements of the Dance syllabus (as per the Western Australian Curriculum – The Arts) in their own classroom, and be able to integrate movement ideas into their other subject areas.

Movement can be a powerful tool for engaging young people in other learning areas such as Maths, English, Science, Technologies and Humanities and Social Sciences; appealing to young people’s energy, physicality and kinaesthetic learning style.

It is particularly useful for students who have trouble concentrating in the classroom and are struggling with desk-based learning.

A growing body of research shows that learning linked to movement results in increased academic performance as well as improved physical and mental health.

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“Thanks again for a lovely PD, it is great to attend a PD with such passionate presenters!”

- Faye Malone, Early Years Teacher, Heathridge Primary School.