Find out what our clients have said about us…



“I’ve learned to be creative with my dance. What I like about this dance class is that it is soooooo much fun and creative”


Year 4 student – St Mark’s Anglican Community School

“Our class has been learning about positional language, these’s sessions have assisted with the children learning left and right/ forward/ backwards, line of symmetry (mirroring), concepts of low, medium and high. Also using different words to describe a body shape e.g round, spikey, flat, wobbly.”


Natalie Harriden – Pre-Primary Teacher, St Mark’s Anglican Community School

“Terrific presenter. Great venue. Excellent ideas which I am very excited about bringing to my Performing Arts’ lessons in the near future. Looking forward to more PDs like this.”


Janine Noble – Kulin District High School

“I learnt how to make a dance using feelings”


Year 2 student – St Mark’s Anglican Community School

“I employed Rachael form Creative Moves to teach 75 Year 9 boys to dance so they could perform a routine in front of their families and peers, she was outstanding.  Rachael choreographed three routines and taught the boys in a condensed time-frame of 6 x 45 minute lessons.  The end performance was amazing with every boy thoroughly enjoying themselves and parents in disbelief that their 14 year old son was up on stage dancing.  I look forward to working with Rachael again next year.”


Mark WestonDeputy Head of Middle School, Aquinas College

“Thank you for a great day and for relighting my passion for teaching dance – excellent PD”


Claire  Brown – Hillman Primary School 

“Thank you for taking up the challenge of 68 students (4 special needs) with such professionalism and pizzazz!!”


Julie Brewer, Music Specialist & Deputy Principal, East Victoria Park Primary School.

“Thanks so much Lanie and Rachael. Congratulations on a wonderful program. It was every bit as useful to me as for the children. Feel like I’ve been engaged in a huge Professional Development session. Awesome stuff”


Jodi Newton, PE Teacher, Holy Spirit School.

“My kids and I have absolutely loved this experience.”


Kate Smallman, Early Childhood Educator, Westfield Park Primary School.

“Thanks again for a lovely PD, it is great to attend a PD with such passionate presenters!”


Faye Malone, Early Years Teacher, Heathridge Primary School.

“We LOVE your lessons and I have implemented them into our Maths program.”


Theresa Wells, Year 2 Teacher, St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School.

“Thanks for a great incursion! Thanks so much for your time, effort and energy today with a bunch of excitable Year 3s. Afterwards we did a session on the solar system, watched a couple of videos filled in a worksheet, wrote some information and ended with a fun ‘fake test’. Much appreciated.”


Merrin Cornish, Year 3 Teacher, Mundaring Christian College.

“I think this experience was fantastic. I really liked how it was so free. Most dancing groups make you do what they do.”


Zoe, Year 5 Student, Moerlina School.

“I really enjoyed the dance program and learning about space, time, energy and body. Thank you for teaching us dance.”


Jahaan, Year 5 Student, Moerlina School.