Find out what our clients have said about us…



“Thank you for taking up the challenge of 68 students (4 special needs) with such professionalism and pizzazz!!”

Julie Brewer, Music Specialist & Deputy Principal, East Victoria Park Primary School.

“Thanks so much Lanie and Rachael. Congratulations on a wonderful program. It was every bit as useful to me as for the children. Feel like I’ve been engaged in a huge Professional Development session. Awesome stuff”

Jodi Newton, PE Teacher, Holy Spirit School.

“My kids and I have absolutely loved this experience.”

Kate Smallman, Early Childhood Educator, Westfield Park Primary School.

“Thanks again for a lovely PD, it is great to attend a PD with such passionate presenters!”

Faye Malone, Early Years Teacher, Heathridge Primary School.

“We LOVE your lessons and I have implemented them into our Maths program.”

Theresa Wells, Year 2 Teacher, St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School.

“Thanks for a great incursion! Thanks so much for your time, effort and energy today with a bunch of excitable Year 3s. Afterwards we did a session on the solar system, watched a couple of videos filled in a worksheet, wrote some information and ended with a fun ‘fake test’. Much appreciated.”

Merrin Cornish, Year 3 Teacher, Mundaring Christian College.

“I think this experience was fantastic. I really liked how it was so free. Most dancing groups make you do what they do.”

Zoe, Year 5 Student, Moerlina School.

“I really enjoyed the dance program and learning about space, time, energy and body. Thank you for teaching us dance.”

Jahaan, Year 5 Student, Moerlina School.