Maths Through Movement Lessons Now Available!

In partnership with Ausdance WA we are proud to release our first series of Maths Through Movement lessons. They are now available to purchase from the Ausdance WA website shop.

The lessons are as follows:

Pre-Primary Lesson 1 – Part 1: Counting Around the Circle

Pre-Primary Lesson 1 – Part 2: Counting Along a Line

Pre-Primary Lesson 2 – Part 1: Dance That Shape

Pre-Primary Lesson 2 – Part 2: Draw & Freeze

Year 1 Lesson 1: Place Value Dances

Year 1 Lesson 2: Pattern Dances

Year 2 Lesson 1: Fractions of the Body

Year 2 Lesson 2: Measurement Duets

Each lesson is clearly outlined with suggestions for musical accompaniment, as well as assessment and delivery tips.